Nissan Homy Super Long and 12 Other Weird Japanese Car Names

Start Your Day With A Laugh – Check Out These Weird Japanese Car Names

Updated September 29, 2018

Apparently a random array of English words for a car model name is showroom magic in Japan. We’ve collected some of the most ridiculous combinations for you.

Now keep in mind that not every car sold in Japan has a wild or strange name.  Many use the same names on both sides of the Pacific. But every so often a particular product naming committee comes up with a string of English words that don’t even belong together. And how knows, maybe everyone in the room got to pick one word. But the results can be hysterical.

Funny Japanese Car Names 1


Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard

Hey, if Isuzu had sent us the Mysterious Utility Wizard instead of the Rodeo, maybe they might have sold some. Oh wait, they’re the same SUV. Not so mysterious.

Funny Japanese Car Names 2


Nissan Homy Super Long

And who wouldn’t want a super-long homy?

Funny Japanese Car Names 3


Mazda Bongo Friendee

This cool little AWD camper from Mazda is pretty neat, but how of earth they came up with the name is a big question mark. Perhaps the Friendee part is because it’s really only suitable for two people (bring along your friend-e?). Your guess is as good as mine on the Bongo part.

Funny Japanese Car Names 4


Honda Life Dunk

When Honda offered an upgrade package on its small Life car, for some reason the name Dunk was chosen. The only explanation I can come up with is a misunderstanding of the American term “slam dunk”.

Funny Japanese Car Names 5


Toyota Deliboy

My guess here is that this van was not developed for sandwich shops to use to make deliveries, but rather the name is a portmanteau of the words “delivery” and “boy”. It probably didn’t occur to the group at Toyota that the name could also refer to a teenager working at Subway.

Funny Japanese Car Names 6


Mitsubishi MUM 500 Shall We Join Us?

Despite the fact that the name makes no sense grammatically, its odd on top of that. To whom are they addressing their question? I thought perhaps this was just a bad translation, but there are the words spelled out in English on the side of the car. So, shall we join us?

Funny Japanese Car Names 7


Suzuki Every Joypop Turbo

The Every is a small van produced by Suzuki. As if its name weren’t vague enough, there was a version created called the Joy Pop. I’ll leave it to your own imaginations what vision comes to mind when you read that name.

Funny Japanese Car Names 8


Isuzu GIGA 20 Light Dump

So what is it? A Light Dump or a Giga Dump?

Funny Japanese Car Names 9


Mitsubishi Minica Lettuce

Alright, Mitsubishi: I get the Minica as a contraction of Mini and Car, but where did the name Lettuce come from? Was the name picked during a lunch meeting or was there an attempt to appeal to vegetarians?

Funny Japanese Car Names 10


Daihatsu Naked

Actually not a bad names for a car that’s seen stripped down to the basics, both on the interior and the exterior. Unlikely to work in the US, though. (And by the way, we’re all naked when we’re brand new).

Funny Japanese Car Names 11


Mitsubishi Legnum

The Legnum was the five-door (station wagon) version of the Mitsubishi Galant. The roots of its name is a mystery but I can imagine that after a company executive riding in the cramped back seat was asked about the car, to which he replied “leg … numb”.

Funny Japanese Car Names 12


Daihatsu Charade Social Poze

For a period Daihatsu attempted to sell their Charade small sedan in the United States. Perhaps it failed in this market because it was missing its Social Poze.

Funny Japanese Car Names 13

For a period Daihatsu attempted to sell their Charade small sedan in the United States. Perhaps it failed in this market because it was missing its Social Poze.


Mitsubishi Chariot Grandio Super Exceed

This very practical looking five door mini-van that appears both nicely styled inside and out has been given the unfortunate name of the Chariot Gandis Super Exceed. It’s sort of like hanging out at the playground and hearing a parent call to their child “Gaylord, come here”, or “Elmo, pick up your toys”. Make me shiver thinking about it.

Funny Japanese Car Names 14






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