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Acura NSX front 3/4 view

What’s Hot and What’s Not in the 2020 Acura Lineup

Honda's luxury division has some catching up to do compared to its Toyota counterpart, Lexus, whereas it's around the same level as Infiniti. After some important design-related changes during MY 2019, every single model within their portfolio is ready and set to shine in 2020. The centerpiece of the next-generation of Acura models will be…

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Due to clutch failure issues, Honda recalls all its 2018 CRF250 motorcross bikes

Earlier in the week Honda announced that it is recalling all its 2018 CRF250R motocross bikes. The company announced that it has to do a recall as the clutch basket is very fragile can break, which could, in turn, cause the engine to lock up which gradually increases the risk of a crash. In the U.S. nearly 3,200…

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Adventure Motorcycles 1

Rugged Rides – Top 10 Adventure Motorcycles

The problem with trying to write up a Top List for adventure motorcycles is that everyone has a different opinion of what an adventure bike truly is. Different people have different ideas about what an “adventure” even is, so it’s hardly surprising that the segment is hard to define. For some riders, an adventure involves…

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Acura NSX is one of the most exciting 2019 Acura models

What’s Hot And What’s Not in the 2019 Acura Lineup

Honda's premium division is the second best-selling premium Japanese manufacturer in the U.S. behind Lexus and just in front of Infiniti. Its position is in jeopardy, though, as overall American car sales have dropped from the post-recession record of 177,165 units in 2015 to 154,602 vehicles in 2017. In comparison, Lexus had pushed as many as 305,229 units…

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Vintage Honda Motorcycles - CB750

10 Vintage Honda Motorcycles That Never Go Out Of Style!

You can’t go wrong with a Honda, though if you’re looking for something with a classic look and enough character to stand the test of time, then which vintage Honda motorcycles stand head and shoulders above the rest? Ever since the legendary Japanese firm started producing motorcycles back in 1955, Honda has been at the…

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1998 Integra Type R Honda JDM

12 Most Outstanding Honda JDM Cars Ever Created

It may be that a Honda is usually considered “just another car” on our streets, but this Japanese producer has released some fantastic and unique cars over the years - especially on the Japanese domestic market. I compiled a list of 12 of the most outstanding and incredible Honda JDM cars ever produced to celebrate…

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Motorcycle Names - GSX-R Logo

10 Crazy Myths And Facts About The Origins Of Motorcycle Names

There are more than a couple of motorcycle names out there that give us a headache. Sure, we know most of the big abbreviations – "SS" means Super Sport and we all know that sticking an "R" on the end of anything makes it go faster – but what about the rest? Motorcycles get christened…

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Best Mountain Bikes - Honda RN-01

The Best Mountain Bikes For Men Made By Motorcycle Manufacturers

In the early days of motorcycling, most of the world’s most famous motorcycle makers originally built bicycles too, so it’s no wonder that some of today’s best mountain bikes for men are actually made by some of these well-known motorcycle brands. That being said, not a lot of people are aware that our favorite motorcycle…

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Pit Bike 1

Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Pit Bike

What is a pit bike? Do you need one? And which ones should you consider buying? These are all fairly tricky questions but luckily we’ve got the answers, and hopefully this article will help point you in the right direction – because when it comes to quality information about pit bikes, the internet isn’t particularly…

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Streetfighter Motorcycles - 2018 Honda CB1000R

10 Awesome Factory Built Streetfighter Motorcycles

Streetfighter motorcycles are always popular bikes thanks to their epic combination of sport bike aggression and urban practicality, but where did they come from, what are they, and who makes them? Here’s a little bit of background on these ultra-cool streetfighter motorcycles, and 10 of our favorite factory produced models for you to look out…

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Sport Touring Motorcycles - Kawasaki 2

Top 10 Mile Munching Sport Touring Motorcycles

Plenty of models define themselves as a sport touring motorcycle, but which ones really live up to the name? Which ones are competent sports machines that are comfortable enough to tour on? Or is the other way around: which touring machines have a sporty edge? Depending on who you’re talking to, the actual definition of…

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125cc Dirt Bikes - Beta Motorcycles 3

10 Insanely Fun 125cc Dirt Bikes For Beginner Off-Road Riders!

125cc dirt bikes might be small in displacement but they’re big in fun. Don’t be put off by their small engines because when it comes to proper off-road riding, less is definitely more. A talented dirt bike rider can chew up trails a lot faster and with a bigger smile on their face on board…

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Dual Sport Motorcycles - KTM Super Adventure 1290 R Off-Road

10 Dual Sport Motorcycles That Offer The Best Of Both Worlds

Dual sport motorcycles are always a popular option, but there are plenty of people who like to think that they’re not particularly good on-road or off-road – and that’s simply not true. There are plenty of dual sport motorcycles that offer the best of both worlds, and here are our top 10 favorites. It’s easy…

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250cc Dirt Bike - Husqvarna Bike

10 Hardcore 250cc Dirt Bikes For New And Experienced Riders

Looking for a new 250cc dirt bike? Which one are you thinking of buying? We’ve put together a list of some of the most capable two fifties on the market to help ease your search. These models are great choices for beginners, but they’re also good options for experienced riders – because as appealing as…

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50cc Motorcycle - Aprilia RS4 50 Race Replica

10 Awe Inspiring Bikes From The 50cc Motorcycle Category

While a 50cc motorcycle might not be the most obvious form of transport, there are plenty of good reasons to get interested in them. Firstly, they’re ideal learner bikes for young motorcyclists. They’re also great bikes for those looking to improve their technical racing skills. And most importantly, they’re cheap and simple modes of transport.…

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10 Things That Make A Scrambler Motorcycle A Scrambler Motorcycle

Another day, another scrambler motorcycle on the market, but what makes a scrambler a true scrambler motorcycle? Are these modern models built for real off-roading or are they merely aesthetic? Here are 10 things that define a real scrambler motorcycle, and they’re important things to consider if you ever feel like building your own. But…

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Honda Civic Type R 3/4 view

What’s Hot And What’s Not in the 2019 Honda Lineup

Honda is the second largest Japanese car manufacturer in the U.S. behind Toyota, with 1,486,827 vehicles sold during 2017 compared to their arch rival's 2,129,177 units. Despite the wide gap between the two brands, Honda's result is more than admirable since they spent a larger part of the last decade without offering a competitive pickup truck whereas…

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Dream Sportsbike - Honda NR750

10 Sportsbike Models You Need In Your Dream Garage!

In an imaginary world where you have infinite garage space and an unlimited budget, what sportsbike would be your number one, must-have purchase? But let’s not settle on one, how about 10 instead? And before this pipe-dream goes too far, lets lay down some ground rules. For a start, your dream sportsbike options have to…

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Track Motorcycle - Ducati Monster

10 Great Track Motorcycle Options For Budget Conscious Racers

If you’re considering buying a dedicated track motorcycle for thundering around your local circuit on a track day, then we’ve got some great advice for you. If you’re prepared to part with your hard cash you’d better do your research. For most riders out there, you probably don’t even need a special bike to give…

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Crotch Rocket - 1998 Yamaha YZF-R1

10 Badass Motorcycles That Redefined Crotch Rockets!

The crotch rocket has come in various forms over the past decades but there were a few models that really changed the game. Some of these revolutionary sports bikes brought sophisticated aerodynamics to the table, others championed the use of innovative on board technology, but they all managed to take the idea of speed to…

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Scooters For Sale - Aprilia SR Factory

12 Awesome 50cc Scooters For Sale In The USA!

There are a surprising amount of decent 50cc scooters for sale in the USA, and it’s not hard to see why. Sometimes owning a big motorcycle isn’t necessary, and you just need a small, reliable, scooter to take you from A to B in a comfortable and economical way. But which one do you buy?…

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