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Toyota Corolla AE86 - right side view

10 Best Drift Cars of All Time

Drifting is a sport that’s taking the nation by storm. It doesn’t surprise any of us considering it has exceptional entertainment value; more so than any other motorsport around. What could be better than seeing powerful cars tilting sideways as they roll down the track at breakneck speeds? Of course, driving one of the best…

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Patty Moise

10 Best Female NASCAR Drivers of All Time

According to Simmons, 29% of women are NASCAR fans, so it only makes sense the motorsport would have females interested in getting behind the wheel. That doesn’t mean every woman who has ever tried to race in NASCAR has been good. In fact, some have been downright awful. With that said, it takes a lot…

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Hellé Nice

10 Best Female Race Car Drivers (And a Few That Shouldn’t Drive)

There was a time when you wouldn’t see any females in the racing world. For many years, it was entirely male-dominated. Then, some pioneers took the first steps and now, you’ll find female race car drivers all around you. Some of them are exceptional racers that deserve to be recognized, while others frankly shouldn’t drive…

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The MG Metro is one of the most famous rally cars in the circuit

5 of the Wildest, Fire-Belching, Overpowered Rally Cars Ever

In an effort to reduce the myriad number of classes across motorsports the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile introduced a set of rules to simplify car classifications across both road racing and rallying. Group A was intended for production-based vehicles with small displacement engines. Group C was for prototype race cars like the Porsche 962. Group…

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