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7 Things Every Gearhead Should Know about Superchargers

Superchargers are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase horsepower. Here are a few facts about superchargers you may just find interesting.

While many people associate superchargers with their first appearances in drag racing in the 1950s, the process is actually quite a bit older than that. Those drag racers were using blowers from dismantled GMC diesel engines that went back to the 1930s. And the original Roots-type  blower design, still used by NHRA Top Fuel racers, dates back to 1860, invented as a compressor for blast furnaces.

The Lysholm or Rotary Screw Compressor was invented by Swedish engineer Alf Lysholm, a Swedish engineer, who patented the design in 1938. Its since found widespread use in a variety of industrial applications, both small and large (see image below).



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