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AutoWise E-Moto Guru Weighs in On The State of The Industry

Forth Mobility and CleanTechnica Sit Down with Nick Schoeps to Talk Electric Motorcycles

Project Hypertek E-moto concept

Forth is a Portland-based non-profit focused on advancing electric, smart, and shared transportation. They recently sat down with three leaders in the e-moto space to talk about the past, present, and future of the electric motorcycle. Our very own AutoWise electric mobility guru Nick Schoeps, of upspun Design, was one of those industry experts on the panel.

Not only did we get to learn a bunch about the e-motorcycle industry, but also some insight into Nick’s extensive background advancing the electric motorcycle. Both the video presentation with Forth and a followup interview on CleanTecnica provide all kinds of insights. Did you know that a privateer American team won the Isle of Man TT electric motorcycle class four years in a row, a team that Nick was a lead engineer on?

Motoczysz team at Isle of man tt
Nick and the rest of the Motoczysz team with the fastest e-motorcycles in the world at the Isle of Man TT

Ride The Lightning Presentation

The talk was called “Ride the Lightning – An Afternoon With Electric Motorcycles.” Forth says; “Our panelists discussed where the industry has come from, where it’s going and answer questions on rebates, range, and latest models during a webinar devoted to riding the lightning.”

I was lucky enough to tune into this presentation live and gain some insights into the electric motorcycle industry. Lucky for you, Forth recorded the presentation and you can now watch it here:

Schoeps’ CleanTechnica Interview

Nick also sat down with Joe Wachunas over at CleanTechnica for a short interview. The interview is titled; “Racing & Designing the Electric Motorcycles of the Future. You can read it HERE.

My favorite quote by Nick from the interview: “Electric motorcycles are quickly transitioning from niche nerd toy to legitimate contender for speed and performance. More customers are beginning to see electric motos as a different way to enjoy riding, they’re not choosing them just for environmental reasons.”

Also, did you know that there are electric motorcycles with a clutch and multiple gears? There are, and as Nick says; “It is not at all important for use, but it can be a lot of fun!”

Bultaco e-moto/mtn bike that Nick helped desing.
Bultaco Brinco e-moto/e-mtn bike project that Nick worked on in Spain.

Schoeps’ AutoWise Musings

Nick Schoeps has provided some fun stories and interesting insights on AutoWise this year. Here are a few of the stories that he’s written for us:

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Hopefully, you’re looking forward to more Nick’s thoughts on e-mobility as much as we are. This niche of the industry is exploding right now, and there is little doubt that electricity will be our primary propulsion power source in the not so distant future.

Bryon Dorr
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