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15 Hot Car Girls to Rewrite the Stereotypes

The Hottest Car Girls Around: The Showdown Begins

Hot car girls do not need names.

What needs to be said about hot car girls?

Go to any race or car show and you will see hot car girls dotting the infield or draped across a show car. Where you might have trouble finding them, though, is in the cockpit of a racecar. Beyond Danica Patrick, few people can name a female race car driver – but that’s a diatribe for another day.

Anyway, to us, hot car girls get even hotter when they are behind the wheel instead of simply decorating a car, but not everyone agrees. So, we considered the opinions of others and built our list of the hottest car girls to include some of the hottest female race car drivers on the planet and a few of the hottest girls that can be found around or near a car of any kind. Just so you know, there is no rhyme nor reason behind the girls on this list other than we think they are damn smokin’.

1. Leilani Munter

Lelani Munter defines hot car girls

The majority of the lists of hot car girls are topped by Danica Patrick. Not here, boys. Not here. We start with Leilani Munter. On top of her smoldering good looks and ARCA series chops, Leilani Munter is an environmental champion and has a degree in biology. She is the trifecta…looks, intelligence, and fearless behind the wheel.

2. Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson tops all lists of hot car girls

We promised this list would contain more than just hot female race car drivers. Pamela Anderson’s fame may have faded, but her status as a goddess in the pantheon of hot car girls is as strong as ever. You almost have to look twice to notice the Ford Focus RS in the background.

3. Milka Duno

Hot car girls excite everyone.

Milka Duno raced IndyCar and in the ARCA series before breaking into NASCAR. Unfortunately, she has never had a top ten finish. Prior to racing, she earned master’s degrees in Organizational Development, Naval Architecture, Maritime Business, and Marine Biology. She also worked as an engineer with the Venezuelan Navy. Wow, hot car girls do not come any more well rounded than that. Just look how well rounded she is.

4. Danika Patrick

Every list of hot car girls includes Danika Patrick

You can not build a list of hot car girls without including Danika Patrick. Granted, she has only enjoyed mild success behind the wheel, but off the track… Danika has modeled for venerated publications like Sports Illustrated and FHM in addition to being featured in many commercials for GoDaddy.com. We tried to find a picture that wasn’t just about her…assets, but this is a list of hot car girls, so assets are required.

5. Ashley Force

Hot car girls and cats.

On top of enjoying some success as a Top Fuel Funny Car drag racer, Ashley Force is the daughter of 16-time NHRA Top Fuel Funny Car national champion John Force. Ashley retired from racing in 2011, but that does not disqualify her from our list of hot car girls. That cheerful girl-next-door shtick will keep her in our thoughts for years to come.

6. Kaitlyn Mason

Kaitlyn Mason is a superb hot car girls

Well, we got stuck on hot female race car drivers for a minute. Sorry. Back on track now. Kaitlyn Mason’s car girl chops are limited to the time she has spent draped over some of the sexiest cars around. She has spent quite a bit of time gracing rides for Lowrider magazine and has been featured in Sexy Ink magazine.

7. Jessica Barton

Hot car girls and bikinis go together.

Jessica Barton is quite a girl. She is probably one of the more versatile hot car girls on our list today. She is a full-time model, occasional actress, and loves to run the hell out of a car. As a model, she has appeared in numerous pictorials. As an actress, she has appeared in two movies: 2007’s The Fiesta Grand and 2008’s Zombies!Zombies!Zombies! Despite her other accomplishments, where she really shines is as an import drag racer. Behind the wheel of her 1,165 hp Toyota Supra, she ran an 8.64 quarter mile at 70.88 mph during the 2011 US Army World Cup Finals at Maryland International Raceway.

8. Susie Wolff

Hot car girls with leather bikinis.

Susie Wolff is on nearly every list of hot car girls. Born in Scotland, she started racing as a kid. Her experience with karts led to the Formula Renault race series. After a single year in Renault, she was on the verge of breaking into F1 through the F3 series, but an off-season injury ended that opportunity. Not to be deterred, she found herself racing a 500 hp tube-frame Mercedes in the DTM series. She raced the DTM circuit for six seasons before becoming a developmental driver for the Williams Formula 1 team. Might have something to do with being married to the head of the DTM circuit who is also a major stockholder in Williams Formula 1…at least, it couldn’t have hurt her chances. Don’t let that downplay the fact that she truly is a talented driver, though, because the chops are there.

9. Shannon McIntosh

Hot car girls look best in the backseat.

Shannon McIntosh is not just another pretty face on the ARCA series. She is a serious competitor. She began racing USAC Midgets in 2010. 2011 found her running with Wayne Taylor Racing. She finished 8th at the 2011 U.S. F2000 National Championship. In 2012, she was the only female driver in the US F2000 National Championship. 2013 found her racing in the ARCA series for Cunningham Motorsports. Her best ARCA finish was 15th place during the 2013 Scott Get Geared Up 200. Hot car girls may not win many races, but they sure look good trying!

10. Camaro SS Hot Car Girl

Hot car girls do not need names.

Try as we might, we could not discover this young lady’s name. Unknown hot car girls come and go, but we appreciate their work anyway. At least this one had the good fortune to have an awesome muscle car in the background.

11. Courtney Force

Hot car girls showing their breasts.

Like her sister Ashley, Courtney is a Top Fuel Funny Car drag racer. She is currently the driver of the Advance Auto Parts Chevy Camaro SS Funny Car owned by her father’ racing team, John Force Racing. During the 2014 season, Courtney won her 100th race, the most wins by a female driver in the history of Funny Car and the NHRA.

12 Maryeve Dufault

Hot car girls look good on the sand.

There have been many hot women from Canada…Shania Twin, Emmanuelle Vaugieer, Mia Kirshner, and Maryeve Dufault. Maryeve has to be the hot car girl that Canadian men dream of. She has competed in Formula BMW, Formula Renault, Star Mazda, the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series, the ARCA Racing Series, and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Off the track, Maryeve won the Miss Hawaiian Tropic International competition in 2000 and has appeared in films like Driven, Entourage, and Relative Strangers, as well as appearing on television shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and The Price is Right.

13. Madalena Antas

Madalena Antas hot car girls compilation

We do not hear much about Madalena Anatas in North America. Well, not her racing. Every list of hot car girls you read has her near the top. There are many obvious reasons she is considered one of the sexiest women in motorsports, but her ability to compete strongly overshadows her beauty. Madalena loves to run a Nissan 4×4 at 120 mph over blistering hot sand dunes in the Rally Raid series where she has finished strong in dozens of events.

14. Nicole Lyons

Hot car girls can be groundbreaking racers.

As we talk about hot car girls, we are forgetting the important contributions that many of them have made to motorsports. One such racer is Nicole Lyons. She was the first African American female race car driver in the NHRA Pro Stock series. She also raced in the NHRA Top Sportsman & Comp and ADRL Top Sportsman series. She is the only woman to race NHRA Top Sportsman D2. She has won several Outlaw Pro Mod drag racing events. In 2013, Lyons became the first African American woman to finish a NASCAR Whelen Series race. She has also qualified and finished in the Top 10 during several Whelen Series events. She is also the first woman to race NASCAR and NHRA in the same season. When she isn’t behind the wheel, she is the owner of Cole Muscle Cars and an engine expert on the SPEED Channel’s reality show, Car Warriors.

15. Hot Car Show Girls

Mostly nude hot car girls make the world go round.

This isn’t so much a compilation of hot car girls, as it is a few photos that pay tribute the hot car girls that have no idea what their costume has to do with cars. Let’s lift a drink to all of the hot car girls around the globe!

Bonus hot car girls

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