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Gumpert Apollo Top Car - rear view

11 Most Recognized German Car Brands

German car brands are known for creating high-class vehicles that exceed expectations as far as performance and appearance are concerned. That’s what makes them a leader in automotive production worldwide. German car brands feature a long history of innovative technologies; many of which are used by other auto companies. When most people think of German…

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Chevrolet Cruze CLK55

This Chevrolet Cruze is Cosplaying As A Mercedes-Benz CLK55 AMG

We get the feeling that the owner of this Chevrolet Cruze wasn't exactly sober-minded when they decided to turn the car into a freaking Mercedes-Benz AMG. Yes, it happened; where other than down under? In Melbourne, you see. Now, the car in question isn’t actually a Chevrolet Cruze, but a Holden Cruze translated into something that resembles…

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cadillac escalade

2020 Cadillac Escalade Delayed Six Months for an Awesome Reason

No solid rear axles for the 2020 Cadillac Escalade. Finally, some may say. Yet, this change just delayed the new luxury SUV. According to some previous reports, the next generation of the Cadillac Escalade will hit the market in early 2020. However, this departure from solid rear axles actually put a strain onto the engineers…

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The Unlucky 13: Ill-Fated Cars To Be Discontinued After 2018

Every year, automakers are faced with the decision as to which models will be built during the upcoming model years. A lot of things go into such decisions, but profitability and sales volume are huge determiners. If a vehicle isn't performing well enough in its market and re-stylings won't save it, it's bound to find…

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A Bentley Continental GT.

Affordable Luxury Cars: Top Premium Cars Under $75,000

In a bygone era, finding affordable luxury cars was an easy task; especially if $75,000 was your benchmark. As recently as 2010 you could buy a respectably equipped Bentley Continental GT for that kind of money. Unfortunately, inflation and other factors have made finding affordable luxury cars a tad more difficult. That's where Gearheads comes…

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Lamborghini Aventador SV Alitalia

Famous Lancia Stratos Alitalia Livery On The Maddest Lamborghini Aventador SV

So, here's something we never thought we'd see: a Lamborghini Aventador SV with a freaking Lancia Alitalia livery. Perhaps the only thing more insanely cool than the livery is the rally light cluster on the nose. After all, it copied one of the most successful rally car livery designs in history – it'd better have at least…

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What’s the Best Gas Mileage SUV on the Market?

As the world becomes more and more modernized, we will definitely be seeing a shift towards cleaner energy, more fuel efficient vehicles, and all electric vehicles. While sedans like the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic have been popular for a long time, SUVs are really starting to invade the scene. With plenty of storage space for…

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2018 BMW M5

The Super Saloon Mayhem that is the 2018 BMW G30 M5

While it may very closely resemble the M5 F10, the 2018 BMW G30 M5 is different in almost every arena. For starters, let's just knock out everything we don't like. It looks like the manual transmission won't be making an appearance on the new M. Alright, that's everything. Some people aren't super stoked about the…

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cadillac cts

10 Cars That Lose Their Value Disturbingly Fast

Not all cars are created equal, and some of them will lose as much as 50 percent of their value in the first 3 years on the road. Disturbing for sure. We bring you a list of ten cars that lose their value like no others. You may be surprised when you see the list,…

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American Super-Luxury Cars Live On

There was a time in America’s history that we were known for having the most luxurious cars available. That role was taken over by brands like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes, and we have never gotten it back. That’s not to say that America has not cranked out some classy cars in the last few decades,…

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These Are the 15 Best Sedans of 2017

When you think of a "car", just a generic automobile, you are probably envisioning some vaguely car-shaped four-door economy car. The sedan is, essentially, the default setting for a car. If you can make a decent one that is reliable and affordable, you will sell a lot of them. But how do you go about…

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8 Cars That Could Leave the US if Trump Increases Import Tariffs

Love it or hate it, we officially have a new president of the United States of America. And while the following article will dabble slightly into the realm of politics I am not going to share my opinion on any of it. Instead, I am going to fixate on one of the statements Trump has…

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2017’s Most innovative Vehicles and Technologies

One of the most exciting things to an automotive enthusiast is taking a look at the innovative future technology of the industry. Every year, automakers try to go above and beyond what they (and their competitors) have done before in terms of functionality, safety, and performance. While the industry isn’t quite as quick to fully…

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Prior Design Presents Astonishing Widebody Mercedes S-class Coupe

Giving the S-class a wide body treatment can be a dangerous thing. This is, after all, a high-end car so with the wide body kit it could look a bit shabby if not cheap. However, the Germans have so much different (and rather good) tuning companies, a keen eye can find a gem. And this…

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You Simply Have To Have Mercedes-Benz X-Class Thing

It looks good and this is the most important thing about the first Mercedes-Benz pickup truck. It has to look good - maybe the best ever in order to avoid bringing massive shame to Mercedes-Benz name. Considering the first two concept cars of the X-class, Mercedes-Benz designers did the job right. What exactly is X-class?…

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Bizarre But Appealing Mercedes-Benz 240D Sidecar

How about a 1980s Mercedes 240D inspired bike and sidecar combo?  If you cast you mind back to a few weeks ago, we actually posted a great Mercedes inspired motorcycle concept…but it was nothing like the one that you see before you. This recently surfaced on Jalopnik, and as soon as we saw it, we…

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The Mercedes MSC 1R Supercharged Concept

British designer Lee Thompson brings his supercharged Mercedes motorcycle concept to the table, and we like what we see. The concept idea was aimed at the supercharged Kawasaki H2, when Lee asked himself: “What could take that on?” and this was his solution. After hearing some rumors that Mercedes could potentially move into the segment,…

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2017 Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC Is A Compact Crossover On Hallucinogens

Now when AMG is a bit more Mercedes and a bit less AMG, its parent company is doing all it can to fill it up with as many cars as possible. Never, from the beginning of time, have more Mercedes-Benz made cars been cherished with the letters AMG. Almost everything Mercedes-Benz offers is available through…

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The Prior Design Mercedes-AMG GT S is an Epic Take on the World’s Newest Favorite Sports Car

Anyone who saw the new Mercedes-AMG GT S in person on the street next to any other vehicle can conclude only one thing - this is a nice looking car. Not only that, it isn't so aggressive and in your face - there's not a lot of extra bits on this car - not as…

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The Mercedes C63 Edition 1 Is A Road Going Version Of The C63 DTM Racer From The Future

If you think that the new C63 AMG is hot then Mercedes prepared something really special for you. Called the Edition 1, these AMG cars are limited-edition only (although no one from Mercedes said just how limited) and with a whole apparatus of the AMG C63 underneath, the Edition 1 brings some impressive features only…

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The Mercedes Concept IAA Literally Transforms Itself With A Touch Of A Button

This is an exaggeration of an aerodynamically efficient car. For the purposes of being as aerodynamic as possible, Mercedes created a car that can transform itself in something that isn’t actually that pretty to look at. However, you’ll be amazed by its ingenuity nevertheless. Also, this is possibly the only futuristic car that can hold…

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