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What Most Soccer Moms Drive

What’s A Typical Soccer Mom Car?

Range Rover Evoque

Soccer moms are a very busy group of people, even though most of them don’t have full-time jobs. They have to juggle several duties every day, mostly involving their kids, having to take them to school, and pick them up later, then taking them to practice, and on top of all that, there are countless chores around the house that need to be taken care of. So, they need a good, reliable vehicle that has enough room to accommodate the kids and their soccer practice gear. The obvious choice for this purpose would be a minivan, and many soccer moms do opt for these vehicles, that are pretty tall, wide and can seat 7-8 people. But, in recent years, SUVs and large sedans have become very popular among soccer moms and are now their preferred choice.

soccer mom car

What Is The Best Mom Car?

Chrysler Town and Country

Chrysler Town and Country - Soccer Mom Car

Although minivans are not the favorite vehicles for soccer moms any more, the Chrysler Town and Country is one minivan that has been able to keep its popularity throughout the years. It has lots of features that make it appealing to soccer moms. It has a 7-passenger capacity, with a split folding rear seat, leather upholstery, heated front and rear seats, and power liftgate. There is the Stow ‘n Go feature on the second and third row seats, which can be folded into floor bins, providing extra storage space. Entertainment is also an important aspect that this types of family cars should provide, and the Chrysler Town and Country really delivers in that department. There is a dual screen Blue-Ray/DVD system, with 9-inch screens located on the overhead console, game-console inputs, and a standard Sirius XM satellite radio. Its base price is $30,395, and its fuel economy is rated at 17 mpg/city and 25 mpg/highway.


Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon

Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon - Soccer Mom Car

This all-wheel-drive Cadillac wagon has high storage capacity, rated at 25.4 cubic feet, and an elegant, stylish interior that can seat 5 passengers, as some of its strongest points. It also has a programmable power liftgate, and some very good safety features, such as the StabiliTrak electronic stability control, parking sensors, six airbags, and adaptive forward lighting. The stylish exterior makes it even more attractive, since practicality is no longer the only thing soccer moms need from a car, but they also want to look cool while driving it. Plus, it’s the only real wagon that comes with manual transmission as an option these days. The only downside is that it has poor fuel economy, with 18 mpg/city and 26 mpg/highway driving.

Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover Evoque - Soccer Mom Car

This good looking Land Rover Range Rover SUV, powered by a 2.0-liter, inline-4 engine, has a little less storage room than the other two vehicles on this list, but its advantage over them is the extremely comfortable cabin, featuring high-quality materials and the great entertainment system. It features an 8-inch high resolution screen, Bluetooth phone connectivity, along with the optional rear seat entertainment with two 8-inch screens. There is also an electrically-powered tailgate, and a rear camera to help with parking. The Evoque falls into the luxury vehicles class, so it’s a bit pricey, with a $42,040 base price.

Ford Flex

2019 Ford Flex Front 3/4

The Ford Flex might not be boasting sports car specs, but in terms of performance, practicality, and overall usability, the Flex offers a good return on your investment. Half station wagon and half crossover, the Flex certainly is a unique character. It might divide opinions in the looks department, but it packs a powerful punch in the overall usability sector. Armed with a potent turbocharged V6 that produces an impressive 365 horsepower, this 7-seater is a superb vehicle for running your children about it. Inside, the Ford Flex boasts a cool SYNC 3 infotainment system that gives the driver full control of the car, but that pales into insignificance underneath the multi-panel “Vista Roof” sunroof arrangement, which lets everyone enjoy the best of the summer weather. Prices for the Ford Flex start at $30,195.

Acura MDX

2019 Acura MDX

The Acura MDX is one of the best cars for soccer moms and dads. This luxury SUV offers a healthy mix of performance, practicality, style, and luxury, all wrapped up in a solid package that’s packed full of top shelf gadgetry and driving aids. The base model MDX comes with a beefy 3.5 liter V6 engine that produces a more than ample 290 horses. That power is fed through a 9 speed automatic transmission, which is converted into an economic 27 mpg highway mileage. The latest model comes equipped with some excellent safety features in the AcuraWatch package, such as road departure mitigation, adaptive cruise control, forward collision warning system, and advanced braking features too. All in all, the NHTSA gave it a 5 star rating! In terms of comfort, there’s heated and ventilated seats and steering wheel, surround-view cameras, and more. Prices start from $45,295.

Chevrolet Tahoe

2019 Chevrolet Tahoe Front 3/4

The Chevrolet Tahoe has long been known as the classic soccer mom car, or rather the ultimate family SUV. It might not be one of the coolest cars on the road, butArmed with a powerful but incredibly fuel-efficient V8 engine, a versatile and practical cabin that has numerous seating arrangement and can accommodate up to 94.7 cubic feet of stowage space, it’s clear to see why the Tahoe has become a fan favorite over the years and one of the best-selling new car models in the United States year after year. Not only does it have excellent specs, it also comes with a whole host of onboard tech that will keep a family safe, and keep them occupied on longer journeys too! Safety alert car seats, traffic alert systems, advanced braking capabilities, rear cameras, blind spot cameras, and park assist features are just some of the cool things that come as standard on the Tahoe. With prices starting from $48,000, the Chevrolet Tahoe could quite possibly be the ultimate soccer mom car.


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