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10 Weird and Wild Real-Life Car Accident Stories (Our Fav is #6)

These Crazy Car Accident Stories Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Car Filled With Trash Is One Of The best Car Accident Stories
Most car accidents are no fun. But here are 10 crashes where everything came out OK in the end, but the circumstances around them are worth a good laugh. Laughing at other people’s misfortune is only alright if no-one came out of it seriously hurt. If you’re into stories where people get killed in a car crash, or horrible car wreck stories where an elderly woman dies because of a drunk driver racing a stolen high school bus and causing a head on collision with the car in front – because those stories aren’t funny.
Car accidents happen, personal injury is always a risk, and drivers can lose control of their vehicles. Driving is a dangerous business, but every now and then the stars align and a comedic situation can arise out of an otherwise scary scenario. A lost control car could hilariously save a life, or a wrong left turn could bring about an unusual parking situation. Here are out favorite car accident tales that gave the crash survivor a seriously interesting dinner party story.

One: A Highway Accident That Actually Saved a Life

Truck Crash That Saved Driver's Life

 A 55-year-old truck driver from Pennsylvania told police that he was driving his rig down the highway when he started to choke on a bite of apple and passed out. With the driver unconscious, the truck  crashed through a concrete barrier. Luckily the impact dislodged the apple from the driver’s throat, thus saving him from choking to death (the steering wheel gave him the Heimlich maneuver). As Benjamin Franklin said “an apple a day but not while operating a Class 8 tractor-trailer.” Running the risk of getting killed in car crash situations isn’t the safest way to prevent choking though!

Two: Turns out you can’t stop your car like The Flintstones

Fred Flintstone and Barney

Ever consider stopping you car with your feet like Fred and Barney?  Turns out it’s not such a good idea.  A 24-year-old man was arrested after hitting four parked cars as he tried to stop his car with his feet. Presumably, this accident took place in the town of Bedrock. As it turns out, the at-fault driver confessed that his license was suspended and was also cited for reckless driving.  He told police he was  completely sober but “overly tired.” Maybe from staying up all night watching a Flintstones marathon?

Three: The Driver Who Installed a Drive-Thru at his Local DMV

Car Crashed Into DMV

A gentleman headed to his local DMV  to renew his driver’s license found a creative way to get to the front of the line. While pulling into a parking space, the driver said his foot slipped off the brake and onto the gas. The car jumped the curb and plowed more than halfway through the building.

Four: A Car With an Interior So Trashed it Caused an Accident

Car Filled With Trash

The driver of this rolling dumpster told police that several old coffee cups and pieces of trash fell onto the gas and brake pedals, which caused her to lose control while backing out of a parking space. According to police, there was so much trash inside the Ford Focus that it completely filled the inside from the floor to the ceiling, front and back. Hoarder, slob, or both?

Five: The Driver Who Took the Pizza Parlor Sign Too Seriously

Car Crashing Into Pizza Place

An elderly man got his foot stuck on the accelerator of his Honda Fit and drove through the front door of  Valentino’s pizza restaurant. Turns out the Fit was just the right width to “fit” through the front door of the restaurant. “He seemed very calm and collected. I was amazed,” said a bystander. In fact, the man placed an order for a pizza from inside his car. My guess is that he won’t have to pay the delivery charge but the tip will cost plenty.

Six: The Woman Who Crashed a Stolen Truck into a Police Station

Vehicle Crashes Into A Police Station

One evening an inebriated woman hailed a truck on a city street in Texas. The driver stopped to give her a lift, but not before she vomited on the curb (stay classy). They drove to a motel for a few moments, then to a 7-Eleven so the driver could use the ATM.  The woman slid behind the driver’s seat and took off in the truck. The police were quickly in pursuit and the chase ended when a wheel came off and the truck crashed into the administration offices of the city’s police department. The driver was hospitalized, and learned her lesson to steal a better truck next time.

Seven: The Creepiest Car Crash That Doesn’t Involve Blood or Guts

World's Longest Fingernails

Lee Redmond of Salt Lake City, Utah was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the longest fingernails in the world –28 feet long– as she hadn’t cut them in 30 years. She lost the record as the result of a four-car accident, in which she was seriously injured and also broke her nails. The 68 year old woman told reporters she wasn’t going to regrow her nails as it took 30 year the first time and she doesn’t think she has another 30 years to grow a second set. As car crash stories go, this one is pretty special, and while we spare sympathy for any man or woman injured in a car crash, the addition of the loss of 30 years of nail growth makes this one a little…weirder.

Eight: Once is Dumb Luck, Twice Must be Karma

Woman Crashes Car Twice In One Week

A 66-year old woman managed to crash through two different businesses in two days — in two different cars. The first accident occurred on Thursday afternoon, when the woman plowed her Ford Taurus through a wooden fence separating a Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot from a private residence. The vehicle then barreled through the yard until it hit a tree. On Friday afternoon, the woman now driving a rented Buick Lacrosse crashed through the wall of an Eye Care Center. The irony is that it was located just three doors down from the site of the first accident. Maybe she should have had her eye exam first, or the next time she gets struck by car crashing impulses, she should leave her car at home.

Nine: Teen Steals Car, Spots Mom Driving in Opposite Lane, and Freaks Out

Cartoon Car Crash Into Tree

A 13-year-old New Jersey boy stole a car, but when he saw his mother driving in the opposite lane he freaked out, drove off the road, and his stolen SUV crashed into a tree. He was treated for a broken nose and a hip injury at an area hospital. Nothing compared to what his mom did to him, I’m sure.

Ten: Driving at 13? This Kid Has an 11 Year Head Start

Truck Crashes Into House

The couple who own this brick home came home on day to find a red Chevy pickup inserted halfway into their house. Their neighbor across the street admitted  that he was unloading his truck while his toddler loose in the cab. The boy managed to put the truck in gear and it “rolled down at a fairly slow speed across the street.” The impact snapped gas and water lines, shattered two windows, and created a large hole in the exterior wall. And apparently the neighbors are still speaking to each other.

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