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The Best of 2021 Lincoln

What Will We See From Lincoln In 2021?

2021 Lincoln Corsair
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There was a point at the dawn of the decade where Lincoln seemed like it might not make it into the next generation. But somehow the brand has prevailed, through a carefully designed advertising campaign and a swarth of new vehicles that take design and implementation to the next level. Lincoln is one of the oldest automotive brands in the world. For a long time, it felt like the Lincoln brand was an afterthought to Ford. The Lincoln models of the eighties and nineties were generally shunned for being outdated and out of touch. A sea of new competitors from Japan caused even more of a rift in Lincoln’s market share.

There is no denying that the brand has had to adapt over the past few decades. Let us forget about blunders such as the Lincoln LS and the Lincoln Mark LT truck. And who can forget the Blackwood, which only lasted a single year and was the only pickup truck ever made with a satin bed? With the newfound appetite in the automotive world for crossover vehicles, there has never been a better time than now for Lincoln to take hold. In addition to that, the Navigator remains one of the best selling and longest running luxury vehicles in the world. 2021 is going to be even more of a critical year for Lincoln to continue regaining market share that it has lost.

The New Lincoln

Lincoln has a newfound approach to luxury that combines a smooth riding experience with a vehicle that is tailored to its owner. There was a time when Lincoln was nothing more than a badge-engineered Ford, but that time has come and gone. The Lincolns that you see today are more refined and more luxurious than ever. Dare we say that Lincoln now competes on a grand stage in terms of luxury? The brand is nothing short of an American icon, and the future is going to be a bright one for Lincoln with the sea of new and improved models.

2021 Lincoln Corsair

2021 Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln in itself has been redefining luxury with every new model, and that tradition continues with the Corsair. For a crossover that’s based on the lowly Ford Escape, the Corsair is nothing like its domestic brethren. Instead Lincoln has managed to craft a crossover vehicle that not only acts the part but it also looks the part as well. You might even say that the Corsair is a mini Lincoln Navigator and that’s ok by us. The Corsair is going to have a number of interesting changes for the 2021 model year. These changes are going to involve adding trim packages to the mix that buyers have been yearning for.

From a power standpoint the Corsair is going to share the same two 2.0- and 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines with the MKC. Although the engines are the same both crossovers are dramatically different from each other. Lincoln is looking to attract various parts of the luxury car spectrum where buyers might be looking for a specific car. The MKC is a sportier short wheelbase vehicle whereas the Corsair is a larger and more family-oriented vehicle. You might even think of the Corsair as a baby Navigator and with the features why not.

Transmission Choices

There is one distinct difference between the MKC and the Corsair, and that’s the eight-speed automatic transmission. This setup is going to replace the six-speed that you currently find on the MKC. The transmission is designed for smooth shifts and to optimize power output from the four-cylinder engine. While you might think that a four-cylinder isn’t suitable for such an expensive price point to let me assure you that Lincoln has pulled out all the stops. The turbochargers are going to be incredibly smooth. Ford has perfected this line of Ecoboost engines to handle much more efficiently than a larger displacement.

On the outside things carry the usual Lincoln design scheme that has been going on. The Corsair almost has an exterior that is reminiscent of the Range Rover. Sweeping lines and sharp edges make up the exterior of the SUV, creating a very high tech look. This is what Lincoln has been trying to achieve with their new design philosophy. The Corsair lives up to most of the expectations creating a domestic SUV that’s more than capable of playing with the Japanese competitors.

Revised Interior

2021 Lincoln Corsair

The inside of the Corsair is where the new Lincoln philosophy really shines. Rich authentic leathers are stitched throughout the dashboard and door panels. The seating is of high quality with plenty of cushion and 24-way adjustment that there is no way the driver or passengers will be uncomfortable. There are plenty of bright metal and wood accents that have been used to give the interior that distinct “Lincoln” feeling. Ford is really pushing for all of the company’s cars to put an emphasis on technology and Lincoln is no different.

Speaking of technology the Corsair has plenty of it to go around. The absolutely beautiful 12.3-inch display creates a stunning way to interact with your car. The Corsair can play just about anything from your Pandora stream to videos for the kids. Optional rear entertainment creates a family atmosphere where you can take this thing on the road in style. Your smartphone can be used to power the vehicle via an app.

Technology Inside

Lincoln’s innovative app and connectivity make the Corsair one of the most technologically advanced luxury cars on the market. The Corsair slots in between the Mercedes GLC and GLA SUV models in terms of size. This makes the Corsair proportionately more suitable for a growing family who needs something right in the middle. Despite the seemingly compact size of the Corsair, there’s still plenty of legroom to go around. And in typical Lincoln fashion, the rear seating arrangement is adjustable.

The standard 2.0 engine is perfectly capable of whatever you are going to throw at it. Because it is a four-cylinder there are going to be naysayers. But the 250HP and 275 pound-feet of torque move the Corsair with authority. You won’t be stuck trying to merge in the Corsair because this SUV will pilot itself quite nicely. Step up to the turbocharged powerplant and you’ll get 280HP and the same amount of torque. All-wheel-drive is standard on the Corsair, a plus for anyone who lives in a rough climate.

Fuel Economy

While the Corsair is not a gas sipper by any means, Lincoln understands that fuel economy is important. The combined 23 mpg was suitable for most types of driving that you’ll be doing. Since the traditional buyer of the Corsair is going to be commuting this is more than competitive. The Corsair is a competitive crossover but unlike the Escape that it shares a platform with there is no hybrid version yet. Ford has said that a Hybrid version of the Corsair is going to be on the way, in addition to other powertrain options.

The most surprising thing about the Corsair isn’t its features or its beautiful styling. It’s the relatively affordable price point, starting at 36,940, including the $995 destination charge. This makes the Corsair a very affordable SUV indeed. Now obviously you are going to get carried away with options, and if you were to choose every available option the Corsair will ring in at $60,000. Which, when you consider everything that you are getting the Corsair is still an affordable luxury crossover.

Engine Choices

Lincoln Corsair

The “Standard” trim on the Corsair comes with the turbocharged engine. Lincoln prides itself on offering boutique-style trim packages for the car. If you want to step up to more options you can go for the “Reserve”, which is another well-appointed trim package that includes the Ecoboost engine. Whichever model you decide to step into the Lincoln Corsair is still a well-appointed crossover in every sense of the word. For a peaceful driving experience, the Corsair has a feature that’s called active noise cancellation. This is just one of the many interior enhancements that Lincoln has been touting for the Corsair.

Other noteworthy features on the 2021 Corsair includes a beautiful panoramic sunroof, wireless phone charging, and automatic parking. Yes, the Corsair is one of those luxury cars that can actually park itself. Lincoln has packaged a tremendous amount of technology into the Corsair because the company is trying to be a pioneer in the industry. For a long time, Lincoln was outdated and stale, so the company has pushed hard to change that image and morph into something respectable.


Crash test results for the Lincoln Corsair aren’t out as of yet, but Ford has been ranking highly with the NTHS. As with most vehicles in this price range, the Lincoln Corsair is a promising new crossover that offers versatility and roominess. 2021 is going to be a stellar year for the Lincoln brand and the Corsair is a luxury crossover that offers a plethora of technology and style all wrapped up in an elegant package. Safety has always been a strong point for Lincoln vehicles and it’s nice to see that the Corsair is going to live up to this reputation.

2021 Lincoln Towncar

Future Lincoln Towncar

There are rumors that the iconic Towncar nameplate is going to make a return for the 2021 model year. The last year that the Towncar was seen on American roads was in 2011. When you think of the Lincoln Towncar you think of a big comfortable luxury sedan. The traditional full-size American luxury sedan has gone away in the past couple of decades and Lincoln is looking to invigorate the market. With Cadillac, all but exiting the passenger car market there has never been a better opportunity than now for Lincoln to capitalize. With the Continental and the Chrysler 300C both taking up market share the Towncar would be an interesting new bit of competition. Because the Towncar was such a popular choice with fleet customers this could be a smart move that would put Ford back into a dominant position in the fleet industry.

Details are still scarce at this point in time but the Towncar is sure to boast a V8 engine. There is talk that Ford could use a modified version of the Ecoboost motor. Nowadays where fuel economy is everything the Towncar will have to blend comfort with power. Although a V8 engine would be a viable option for Lincoln there are other power plants in the Ford arsenal that might be of use for the brand. Electric cars are rising up every day and Ford could very well opt out of an electric version of the Towncar for the next generation of drivers.

2021 Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental

It should be of no surprise that 2021 might be the final year for the Continental sedan. Sales of sedans from all across the board have faltered. Buyers are moving more toward crossover vehicles than ever before. Recently the Continental has been on a bit of a sales slump with a paltry 6,586 units sold during the entire 2019 model year. Lincoln is well aware that the Continental might not be long for this world. As new models such as the Corsair and the highly praised Navigator make their way onto the market. Lincoln is going to have an uphill battle ahead of it trying to convince people to buy a large American sedan in this day and age.

Rumor has it that there could be a special edition of the Continental to commemorate the car going off into the sunset. There could also be a Continental crossover vehicle that takes its place. The Continental nameplate is still very well known, and it still holds value in the automotive world. Lincoln is a storied brand and the Continental was one of the best-known vehicles in the world. Lincoln has spent a lot of time and research on making sure that the Continental sedan could compete with offerings from Germany. The Continental managed to get some of the highest praise of any Lincoln sedan in the last couple of decades. 2021 will be a telling year the Lincoln brand and the companies flagship luxury sedan.

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