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Off-Road Hypercar: Bugatti Chiron TERRACROSS Concept

Has The Safari All The Things Movement Gotten Out of Hand?

Bugatti Chiron Terracross Concept

The safari-all-the-things movement is HOT right now! Porsche are of course the special fast vehicle of choice to make into an off-road rally-style monster, with the Singer ACS being the latest insane safari-style Porsche. Shenzhen, China-based industrial designer Rafal Czaniecki has taken the concept a step further, at least in the render world, and made a Bugatti Chiron into the off-road beast that is the Terracross concept.

Also, doesn’t this beast remind you a bit of the Bentley GT Continental that Jeremy Clarkson drove in the Grand Tour A Massive Hunt episode?

Bugatti Chiron Terracross ConceptBugatti Chiron Starting Point

Yep, this is what happens when you combine a 1,500 hp 8L quad-turbo W16 engined nearly $3-million hypercar with a ton of custom off-road performance parts. The Chiron‘s all-wheel-drive system, and massive 1,180 lb.-ft. of torque should help it get through and over just about any obstacle in its way. The 7-speed double-clutch transmission should have plenty of gears to manage the power over all sorts of terrain.

Bugatti Chiron Terracross ConceptThe 4,400 lb factory curb weight on the Chiron isn’t going to help it any off-road, especially when you add in all the custom accessories. With the cars’ insane power to weight ratio, we doubt it will struggle with the extra weight, however.

From the factory, this car can do 261 mph and hit 60 mph from a standstill in a mind-melting 2.3 seconds. Expect the big tires and worse aero to hinder these numbers substantially, but not enough to still not scare you with every stab of the skinny pedal.

Bugatti Chiron Terracross Concept

Chiron Terracross Concept

Industrial designer Rafal Czaniecki imagined this creation and brought it to life, at least on the computer. His concept was to “mash-up of two car categories that are quite opposite to each-other: super-fast supercar and 4×4. The car industry is changing, luxury brands are releasing SUVs and exploring new form factors and styles that often makes for surprising and really interesting effects.”

A major motif throughout the render is metal hexagon shapes. This is seen in the transparent resin wheel arches and carried throughout the modifications in the roof cargo rack, tire treads, and even the head and tail lights. The 3D printed metal wheels continue the theme while showcasing new technology possibilities.

Bugatti Chiron Terracross ConceptAn interesting off-road addition that Czaniecki added to the Chiron Terracross concept are digital scanners instead of classic mirrors, “so the car can scan the terrain and suggest or help to move forward in challenging conditions.”

Be sure to follow Czaniecki’s work on his Behance website, as it’s all quite compelling.
Bugatti Chiron Terracross Concept

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