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Five Different Modified Versions of the Nissan GT-R

The Ultimate GTR Modified Collection!

It was “The Fast and the Furious” that pushed import cars further to the forefront and no car has ever been able to contend with the mighty Nissan GT-R. Sure many countries offer up worthy advisories like the Porsche 911 Turbo out of Germany or the Corvette ZR-1 from the U.S. Just when it seemed like the competition was closing in on the GT-R, there are now a handful of tuners that take Godzilla and pump him full of steroids.


Fast and Furious GTR Modified
Fast and Furious GTR


Wald International is a very famous tuner out of Japan specializing in aggressive aerodynamics. Most noted for its visual change-ups to high end luxury vehicles from Mercedes, BMW, and Lexus; Wald puts forth a ton of effort in creating an aggressive aerodynamic kit full of carbon fiber for the Nissan GT-R. The Black Bison kit comes with modified front and rear aprons and a side skirt set. The original rear spoiler is replaced with a carbon fiber unit. Wald gives us maybe the most visually stunning body kit on the Market.

Wald Back Bison GTR Modified
Wald Back Bison GTR


Shadow Sports delivers super lightweight magnesium wheels to shed a few pounds from the portly Nissan GT-R. To Shadow Sports, the GT-R was made for driving so performance is their main goal here. CEO of Shadow Sports Design is an ex-factory driver named Masami Kageyama. These motor sports professionals upgraded the GT-R to put the focus on weight savings through the use of lightweight magnesium wheels. The wheels of the Nippon racer weigh less than 10 lbs. and overall that reduces the unsprung weight of the wheels.

Shadow Sports Nissan GTR Modified
Shadow Sports Nissan GTR


Zele has created a big jump in horsepower with a simple chip. The tuner from Yokohama optimized the engine remapping electronics to give the GT-R a whopping 550 horsepower from the 3.8-liter twin-turbo. Zele Performance also has a line of sports exhaust made ? from titanium. There are also additional carbon fiber parts and reduced weight alloy wheels that come from the Zele factory.
Branew has been creating visually stunning cars for years and the GT-R has been their most recent love child. Usually known for pimping Bentley and Porsche cars, Branew gives the GT-R a fancy body kit and ridiculously huge 23-inch chrome rims. The Branew GT-R is a bit unique in the fact that is sports white carbon fiber assorted parts.

Branew Nissan GTR Modified
Branew Nissan GTR


Last but not least is the legendary in-house tuner Nismo. The Nismo tuning package costs over $50k but the GT-R retains its factory warranty which is priceless. The Nismo package includes an adjustable Bilstein suspension and forged alloy wheels. Inside the car has been made race ready and much of the interior has been stripped down and replaced with lightweight carbon fiber parts. Out back there is a high quality titanium exhaust that bumps the power curve a bit.

Nismo Nissan GTR Modified
Nismo Nissan GTR

These are just a few of the modified GT-R’s out there, what are some of your other favorites?

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