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Marussia: What Remains Of The Little Russian Supercar That Couldn’t

Do You Remember The Marussia Russian Supercar?

It really is a shame too. But I guess the cars are better off since Russians only seem to crash the really nice cars.

After a brief seven years in production, Marussia packed in their brand. The mid-engine supercar was built with a moderately powerful Cosworth V6 with up to 420 horsepower.  The price tag on such an exotic entry-level supercar was a mere $115,000!

Marussia Russian Supercar 1 Marussia Russian Supercar 2

What’s left of the automaker? Not much. Vandals have been at the compound where the remaining cars have been left to rot. I would tend to believe they aren’t completed cars, just shells, but still a mild tragedy for a beautiful specimen.  Parts have been stripped off, but without many on the road, I’m not exactly sure what good the parts will do.

Marussia had a short foray into the world of F1 racing too, and even that packed up shop last year. All the employees took positions at a government technical facility, which is a far cry from making supercars.

What cars are we left with from Russia now? Lada?

Marussia Russian Supercar 3 Marussia Russian Supercar 4 Marussia Russian Supercar 5 Marussia Russian Supercar 6 Marussia Russian Supercar 7

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